Mortuary Brigade: Vest Patch!


So, recently I have been on Etsy way more because of my store For the Win Inc. With that, I find myself surfing all kinds of stuff for sale on that site. A lot of it is really cool while some of it is really silly. Well, I came across something epic. There is this company Called PUNKNDEAD that will do custom back patches for your jackets and stuff on the low. So, I had to take advantage of that. My Phantasm vest that I wear has had a negative space at the bottom of it for a little bit. The space hasn’t really been bothering me, but when I came across this Etsy store I had to come up with something cool to put there. And since I am almost on the cusp of becoming a licensed mortician, it just seemed fitting to put something like what you see in the photo. Mortuary Brigade Unite! Anyway, if you like these types of patches, check out that store.

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