New patches and sold out designs #cthulhu #dinomite


This week has been crazy busy for my patch venture, FOR THE WIN inc. Last week while I was on clinical for school I turned off my store so that I wouldn’t have to mess with it. For starters, when I turned my store back on, I made a sale within 10 seconds of turning it back on. Talk about crazy town! Sales have been great. So great in fact that I have sold out of my combo pack and the UFO patch. I am in the process of restocking the UFO patch, but that isn’t all. I had two new designs come out today. One, a dinomite patch, and the other a Cthulhu patch. Sadly, somehow or another the cthulhu patch got messed up and it has an extra letter in his name. So, these are half price for now, until I can get them sold and make changes to the restock on that design. I should have several new designs posting soon as well!


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