Dead people school update: What the Heck? #embalming

Okay, so… I am burnt out on a lot of things right now (mainly my crappy part time job), but school as well. I think the closer you get to being finished, the more you can taste it or something like that. And maybe that is why I am starting to get burnt out. Or, it could be the fact that I have crammed a two year associate’s degree into a year and some change. I don’t know. All I know is that sixteen credit hours per semester is too many and I am tired. The exciting thing though is that I am on the downward slide now!


That’s right… this coming semester, which starts tomorrow, is the final semester before I graduate and go on to tackle the board exam for my embalming/mortician licenses. Am I overwhelmed by the horror stories of statistics regarding people who pass it verses people who qualify to take it through what is called the exit exam? You better believe it. But I can’t focus on that right now. All I can do is focus on this semester and get through it. Just tackle on thing at a time. After this semester, then… and only then, can I start tackling that exit exam and the boards. Am I looking forward to taking them? No. Am I looking forward to graduating and having my license so that I can get a job doing what I have been striving to do the last two years? Yes. I am almost there. And I can taste it.  I just hope this semester goes smooth and that the exit exam doesn’t give me as much trouble as everyone makes it out to.


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