The Reasons I quit my job at the @DollarGeneral

First of all, let us enjoy the fact the Dollar General is so bad to both its employees and customers that there are literally countless meme’s and terrible reviews (See a list of links at the bottom of this post for reviews given by previous employees). I was surprised how easy it was to find so many.


First off, I recently got a job at the Dollar General as a part time key holder. This essentially means that when the manager isn’t on duties, that I am basically in charge (within reason). With said key I could open the store and handle almost any customer related issue on the register. I could sit here and rant about this job for hours, so I am going to do my best to keep it short and just highlight some of the great moments I was able to share with my management and fellow co-workers.

That one time when someone took a dump in the middle of the store (not down an aisle, but literally the middle of the store; full blown grown up dump). Or the time that someone came in, got totally naked and changed into a new set of clothing off the rack. How about the time that a customer bought $50 worth of groceries to turn around and have me refund the entire thing while I had a line of waiting customers, just so that they could use the receipt I just gave them to get $5 off when I rang it all back up again for them right then. Needless to say, the customers at the Dollar General are some classy people. But the fun doesn’t even begin there. It truly begins with the management.

I should have known something was fishy when it took 3 weeks for them to process my application and get me working (something I had to bug them in person to accomplish). After my first day on the register (only about 3 hours of training), I was given keys and was told to open the store by myself with no training. Then almost got written up for doing it wrong. When told to close, I was insured that my manager would be there in person to train me. And when they didn’t show it was my fault that it didn’t get done correctly. Any time I had an issue with the computers, customers, or a vender, I was on my own. Why? Because my manager never answered his phone. I actually had to have a vender train me on how to check them in. On top of that my manager was never on time (late by several hours on most days) leaving me in the store beyond my scheduled hours. I eventually just started going home when it was time to clock out. In one week I watched my manager miss a total of 5 scheduled interviews, 3 in one day, that he personally scheduled.

Honestly, I can sit here and write for a long time, but I will just end with this…

The last conversation I had with my manager was regarding a trip to the bank every day as a key holder. I was told that there were no instructions or training needed. Just take the money to the bank. How hard could that be? My request was to set up a system on the computer (which I knew existed) that would track my millage for these trips so that the store would reimburse me for the trip. His response was that he hadn’t been trained on how to do that part of the job task, which blew my mind. There is apparently no training for something that he hadn’t been trained to do yet. So which is it? Training or not? I couldn’t help but laugh, because I was told the training that did exist… didn’t exist because it hadn’t been trained yet. What???

I am a hard worker and this last Saturday I worked the equivalent of about 15 pallets of merchandise to turn around and open the store this morning with a micromanaged list of “termination or else” written at the bottom. The best part of the list wasn’t even the fact that half of it hadn’t been given training on yet… but my manager’s suggestion that he would walk the store with me at the end of my shift to make sure I did everything on his list.

I am sorry dude, but you have to show up on time for that to happen. You have been on time less times than I can count on one hand since I have started working there. And somehow I am the reason things aren’t getting done.

So… my job was threatened by a man who doesn’t even fathom the word punctuality. But who am I to throw stones? I was just a part time key. All of these other employee reviews clearly don’t speak the truth either. I was part of the problem and not the solution apparently. It is a sad day in America when your employer doesn’t recognize hard work. I am a full time student and I am sorry, but my grades come first.

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The best one for last, a freaking tumblr page called Dollar General Mayhem!

And after speaking with the regional manager this morning, her response was “yeah, it’s like this at every Dollar General”. Wow… all I can say… is WOW!!!


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