Neo Thrash/Post Rocker Adult: fashion trends of a 30 something has been


I recently came across a post from a friend on social media who goes way back by about ten years. I miss her a lot. Her post basically shows a dude in his mid thirties dressing like a teen R&B thug as if he were an M&M want-a-be. He looked pretty silly to me. She went further to suggest that people that old shouldn’t dress that young. She didn’t say that exactly, so I am taking her out of contest a little. But that is what I got out of it. With that in mind I can’t help but look at myself in the mirror while reflecting on the times people have told me maybe I should dress my age. Or that I should consider looking a bit more professional. Have I become that 30 something that needs a wakeup call, because I still dress like a Doom Metal Deathcore scene kid from 2005? I have honed it down to the basics. According to the photos in my post I have managed to combine neo thrash with the post rocker look making my own little style; all be it not unique in any way when you consider the number of people in the Austin area that also have a dress style similar to a minimalism neo thrash post rock look.

Maybe I am that old dude that needs to grow up and start looking his age. Does that change anything? No… Dress suit with tie and coat or a neo thrash post rocker minimalism outfit doesn’t change the fact that when I have my headphones in, it’s doom metal and deathcore all day long!


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