Phantasm Exhumed and patches #phantasm

Okay, so I am a super huge fan of 80’s horror. One of my all time favorite movie series which first released in the late 70’s and ran into the early 90’s with a total of four movies, called Phantasm, is one of the main reasons I am in school to become an undertaker. The main antagonist in this series of movies, The Tall Man, is a mortician who is out to take down the entire world. It’s pretty much the best thing every. Anyway, I made a patch to commemorate the movie series. And then, literally a week or two later a 5th movie for the series popped up by total happen chance. One, I am dying to see the 5th movie because it has all original cast members. And two, it was perfect timing considering my patch just came out.


Well, it gets even better. Author of Phantasm Exhumed the book and the Phantasm Archives website fell in love with my patches! He bought half a dozen and even went a step further to showcase me on the site. How cool is that? The funny thing is… before this dude, Dustin McNeil ever even reached out to me I was licking my chops at his book on Amazon. Small world my friend. Small world.

Anyway, check out the Phantasm Exhumed Archives website as well as the book! If you love that series like I do you don’t want to miss out. I am still sitting here waiting on them to release a 5 movie complete DVD set. Hopefully it releases soon.


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