Three Months into Patch making

So, may patch store is only a few days away from being a total of 3 months old. So far it has been a wildly unexpected ride. For the Win Inc is not only still in its infant stage, but it has grown so quickly. In this short three month period I have already made close to 400 sales… many of which were multiple patch orders. These patches have gone everywhere you can think of. Hong Kong, just about everywhere within the States, Canada, Australia, Africa, and Brazil just to name a few. I am talking everywhere. It is crazy to think that my designs are spreading across the globe like this. It has been a lot of fun. Currently, in a few more weeks I will have 4 new designs, which takes my total to 20 designs. That’s right… in under 4 months I will have made 400 sales, created and printed 20 designs, and covered most of the globe. That is wild if you ask me. The cool thing is when people share photos of their patches with me to show that they enjoy them as much as I do! Honestly, I don’t know what the rest of 2016 has in store for For the Win Inc, but I do know what the next month or two is going to look like. I have decided to take it a little slower for a few reasons. One, with Christmas coming, the store will be getting more traffic, so I wanted to focus on what designs I already have. And two, my finals for this semester along with the board exams to graduate dead people school are coming up at the end of this year. With that in mind a lot of my attention will be on other things besides designing new patches. In the meanwhile, I plan on focusing more on social media promotion for my existing products, as well as maybe updating the listings for better search engine results. Anyway, enough rambling. Patches!!! The first three months has been better than expected.



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