Magic the Gathering: 4 color #stax #edh


Well, is has been a long time coming. EDH has officially released 4 color commanders. This has yet to happen since the games conception, which has been a long time. So, these 4 color commanders are a very big deal for those of us that play the game. With that, I have chosen which commander I want to build and I chose Atraxa. With the help of a few friends I am turning this thing into a power house of aggravated opponents with the use of Stax. I am very excited about this build because all of my other decks are based more on attrition based play, whereas this deck is more of a sit back and wait style build. I it something I have yet to do and will test not only my patience, but also that of the other players. It is rude and cruel. Simply put, I am asking to become the constant target with this deck in by bag. I have already started putting together cards from my binder, closest, and trades to make this thing a reality. I hope to have this built completely by the new year just in time for graduation from dead people school. Why does that timeline matter you ask? Well, being done with school means more free time to play!


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