facebook is a waste of time

Well, I officially quit facebook for the 3rd and final time. My first account was for back when I was promoting books a lot. Once I started school, no longer having the time for that, I deleted my account. With that, I created a new one just for myself and quickly decided that Facebook was a waste of time. Recently, less than 4 months ago I started creating and selling patches. And as a result started a 3rd facebook account to promote my venture. The promotional side of things was very fruitful, sharing my designs on various relevant groups. Outside of this however, facebook is nothing more than dribbling nonsense.


Please note that I am in no way implying that people who use the site are idiots. I am just saying that I have better things to do than glare at my phone throughout the day with not real gain outside of meager entertainment via memes and vines. If you use facebook and get something out of it, good for you. I personally am done with it for good. I would easily say that 60% of what gets posted by the average user on that site is inaccurate information in the form of “informative memes and videos”. If it is on a meme or comes across as intellectual via video it must be true. No one on facebook seems to grasp the concept of “spin” in the media. At least that is how I feel most facebook users tend to look at it. I just got tired of seeing everyone arguing over trivial content, that in the first place, had inaccuracies littered within. When did we become a nation of people who prefer to not learn for themselves the facts?


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