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Tuesday, November 8th caught me by surprise. I am not sure why honestly because I have read my Bible and am aware that the world is not going to become a better place, but instead will decline until the actually apocalypse happens. Wait what, You’re a Christian and didn’t vote for TRUMP? Yes, I actually believe he is the absolute moral opposite of everything my savior stood for. If I could apologize to you in the place of all the misguided Christians who did vote for him than I would, but I can’t, we must suffer the consequences of our fellow americans actions and make it through these next 4 years.

I want to make it clear that I am not writing this blog to boo hoo and whine about losing. That seems to be the assumption by the outspoken republicans on my facebook wall. I am simply writing this because someone suggested that it might be good for me, to let off some of the emotions this whole campaign season have brought to light. See though I am disappointed, I know God is in control and not because 100 people have told me so in order to comfort my crippling anxiety. I know he is in control because he always has been, He was in control when Hitler took over as well, when Sodom and Gomorrah burned to the ground. God being in control or Donald Trump being elected because you prayed for it does not mean that everything will be peachy keen. In fact, God gave Israel the king they wanted after they nagged Him enough, causing them to live with their poor decisions.

My disappointment with this election has less to do with Trump winning and more to do with what it revealed about the people I thought I knew. You can not say you support Hitler and expect people to think you are not ok with hating Jewish people. You can not support Charles Manson because he is a good group leader and expect people to leave his past in the history. You are connected to your choices. I was heartbroken to see people I respected supporting this evil, I saw it though, and I saw it grow. Now I am not speaking of the people I went to high school with, or a big mouthed coworker, or those distant relatives who alway hug you too tight, you always expect they might be a little bit racist, a little bit homophobic. I am talking about the friends you grew up with, the people who helped you through difficult times in your life, those you asked personal questions to and told your deepest secrets. I feel betrayed, they are not who I thought they were, they are not role models after all, they are way more broken and flawed than I could have ever imagined.

This election hasn’t changed me and probably hasn’t changed them, it has just revealed the truth.

I wasn’t ready for the truth, I wasn’t ready to see these people I respected with their dirty clothes still on. Stained with their misogyny and fear of becoming a minority. They would rather hand their burden of hidden fear to someone else than face their own flawed inner racism.

Congratulations to the Trump voters. You voted for a perceived perfect future where the rich don’t pay their fair share and the different people of America are tethered. You have enabled a new future, a new form of slavery where women are choiceless, immigrants must die in their home country, the LGBTQ community suffers, and sexism is approved of. This is the world you gave your children, this is the blood on your hands. You are not creating a world that is safe, you are creating a hate filled world, your own private country club which you were born into. You don’t have a right to comment on their sadness.

I have heard the many excuses as to why a person would vote for such a monster. About how he was the lesser of two evils, about how he is anti-abortion, and is going to repeal all of the terrible things that don’t even affect the person telling me. I have heard the excuses, I am done with them. I have also heard the backlash against the people standing up for what they believe in afterward. The hate filled comments against the protesters, calling them babies, saying they are no better than common thugs. You are standing in judgement of something you don’t understand when you make those comments. Those people are afraid, scared and hurting because of what has been done against them on one faithful day in November. Rather than reaching out in the Christ filled love that you should, you judge, you mock. 

I am an American and I always will be. I am proud of the progression my country has made, but do not believe this was a step in the right direction.  America was already great. Donald Trump is not my president and I will not be silenced.


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