Thanksgiving: Pre-Family Dinner Thanks Post


Well, it is thanksgiving. And I just wanted to post a real quick, pre-food fest post about what I am thankful for. And it all comes down to one thing; family… and Hungry Howies of course. But seriously, I am thankful for my family. Both those I am visiting, and those that I miss. I am thankful for the Kain family in all they do to support us, the Douglas family for helping us chase dreams, the Nunez family for being real, the White family for knowing how to have fun, the Roper family for showing what it means to thrive toward greatness, and all the family friends that have come and gone over the years who have helped to shape my characters toward the better. I both miss and respect you all. I am thankful for my family and wish we could have this type of gathering among all the clans year round.


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