About Us

Hello! I’m Sarah. I am an art teacher, lover of Jesus and a yogi. I do my best to show everyone and everything Compassion and Love, daily. I enjoy kiting, playing mindless cell phone games and petting all the animals possible. My passion is in Art and I want to share and talk about it with anyone who will listen (and some who just pretend too.) Don’t ask Pat, but I am actually very funny. My favorite color is coral and my favorite food is always changing but is currently Tofu Rolls. I also occasionally paint things with my hands.

Hello! I’m Pat. I have been many things in my life. A full time touring musician/singer songwriter, an author, a welder, a machinist, a salesman, a skateboarder, a surfer, a bum. The list goes on and on… as I am sure it does for most people. I am currently a full time student well on my way to becoming an undertaker. I made this decision after a few years of working in the oil industry lining my pockets off the health risk of future generations and the pollution of planet Earth (not cool). Aside from going to school I am addicted to Magic the Gathering. I play every chance I get.I also play the drums at church.

More about us? We live in South East, Texas. We loving bikes and doing things outdoors. Geocaching and flying kites are both great ways to spend the weekend. We are active participants in the local church community. We collect embroidery-yarn art, R. L. Stine books, and vintage mushroom decor. We also enjoy thrift shopping. And yes, this means estate sales. You will occasionally see us manning a booth at local art fairs or at comic book conventions where we sell our various knickknacks of art and music. Life is about loving where you are in the moment. If you’re not happy, then do something about it. You only live once.