VHS for LIFE; one more reason Austin is Awesome!

Austin has it all. We came across this video store downtown that is fan freaking tastic. I think the guy behind the counter said it was the second largest collection in the nation. And honestly, I believe it. Just look at the photos. This place has so much to choose from. Of course they have some new stuff and pop culture stuff. But, that isn’t what makes them great. What makes them great is the endless sea of cult classics and bizarro films like Hell Comes to Frog Town. You want to watch a “C” list movie, then this is the place!!! I am so excited we came across this store. So much for having Netflix… right?



Social Media and beyond

My most recent hobbies are getting even more interesting by the day and I honestly think that it may simply be a result of boredom. I don’t know about you, but social media has lost its luster. It’s boring. Obviously, I still use social media because of my ventures with books, music, and patches. Social media is a great marketing tool. Outside of that however I have found that social media (facebook especially), is nothing more than a bunch of inaccurate opinion driven memes guided by ones laziness when it comes to checking the actual facts. How have we as a society decided that we are socially and economically relevant and in touch with politics via inaccurate data posted on a photo that we share on social media? I just don’t get it. Half of the articles and memes that I see shared on social media are wrong, either as a silly joke by the person that posted it, or out of ignorance, because the person doesn’t actually know the truth; nor care to.


Anyway, since I have been finding myself spacing out on my phone less and less via social media I have had a lot more free time. This free time has been getting invested into some old, yet new hobbies. I have always been fascinated with dinosaurs and outer space.

For those of you that know me well, you know that I have already read all of the books by Stephen Hawking. And yes, I read them prior to the movie that came out about his life. Quantum mechanics and astrophysics are awesomely wild and his work in those fields has sparked my imagination. I am half way through reading my second book by Neil deGrasse Tyson. The one I am currently reading is called Death by Black Hole. It has been pretty crazy thus far. On top of this, I also just subscribed to Astronomy magazine and I am half way through reading my first issue already. I will admit one or two of the articles seemed out of place, but the rest of it has been thought provoking goodness.

With all of that said, you have to ask yourself… is social media really all that relevant to your life? Are you staying in touch with the world in this way, or are you just strengthening that one arm by holding your phone to your face all day?

Not only have I been challenging myself to step away from social media outside of promoting my ventures, I have also gotten away from the television. With that, it won’t be long before I don’t have a Netflix account either.

Put down your phone and read a book. Rather than rely on memes that are more than likely inaccurate when it comes to the facts, why not try learning before you develop an opinion? Today’s society is baffling to me. We live in a world where we claim to want freedom, but are content with not actually knowing the truth prior clinging to the ideals that mold us into who were are.

Note: I am in no way implying that I am smarter than anyone else and in fact realize that it is somewhat an oxymoron to be saying these things on my blog since my blog is in fact a form of social media. These are just my thoughts regarding my current state of mind. Good day.


We are Still Here: Movie #netflix

Finally, Netflix is on the game. I have been waiting for a good horror movie to come down the pike. Seems like everything they come up with for Netflix is utter cheese drool. And when I saw a Larry Fessenden movie hit the list I got excited. This dude is the new Tom Savini, hands down.


We are still Here was a fantastic spin on the classic 1970’s horror with a modern splatter-punk twist. This movie reminded me an old classic, City of the Living Dead. If you haven’t seen that one either, it is also worth a watch. These two movies go hand in hand.

#Netflix has terrible taste in horror

I have been watching a lot of horror movies on Netflix, and honestly, most of them are disappointing. Netflix needs to step up their horror genre game. I am tired of the same old same old. Seems like the only horror movies that Netflix can get their hands on are the top 5 clichés. I am tired of the following, and sadly it seems to be the only options Netflix offers.

Death is for the Dogs

Opening scene introduces two characters. Character one is a human. Character two is a dog. In this opening scene you can assume that the dog will start barking and run off, out of view. This leaves the human going after them into the dark, but not before hearing the dog whimper and yelp. Cut scene: there’s something out there!


The Ferry is for Fairies

Opening scene is on a ferry with a set list of characters. In this open scene you can assume the characters are doomed from the start, headed to a remote island town with no cell service, and power outages so regular that one of the locals mentions power outages right off the bat either on the boat or shortly after arriving on the island. Will they make it through the night?


First time home Owner

This plot has no specific opening scene, but we can already assume that this lovely cookie cutter couple is in for a scare. They bought the wrong house. What could possibly go wrong? They have flood insurance. This genre of movie strives desperately to follow the footsteps of movies like Poltergeist but fall so short that they are on their bellies at the starting line. These movies are slow, no matter how much of a steel the house was per square foot. We get it… the house was cheap because there is EVIL a foot. Literally… per square foot.


POV in General

It seems like POV makes up half of today’s horror and honestly, I am tired of it. I understand that it takes talent to execute a strong POV horror film. But let’s be honest, if the cinematographer keeps the angles extremely off center or shaky causing you to constantly ask what is even happening, then chances are it’s a poorly scripted film relying on cheap tricks rather than talent. These films are taking what made JAWS so great (never getting a good look at the shark) and turning into a bad pun (never getting a good look at the entire film).


Feminist Survival

This is the worst type of horror that seems to be flooding Netflix right now. I feel like a broken record here, but we get it. The feminist movement is alive. You go girl. Happy for you, really… but that doesn’t mean we need this type of constant predictable dribble. A would-be helpless girl finds herself all alone and vulnerable in a sadistic fight against the manliest brute that ever walked the face of the earth. We get it… girl power is a thing, but I am sorry, most women would not stand a chance in a fist fight one on one against someone like Andre the Giant. It just isn’t going to happen. But according to this genre of movie, statistically speaking, every woman has a change so long as they know how to swing a flimsy wicker chair.


All I want to know is, what happened to good creative horror and where is it? Because it’s obviously not on Netflix.

Bruce Campbell meets R. L. Stine

Last night I watched Terminal Invasion. I have always known that Bruce Campbell played in a lot of super cheesy movies, but this one takes the cake. I love him as an actor in the Evil Dead Series. Who doesn’t? I have even appreciated his cameo appearances in random movies and T.V. shows. But this was just ridiculous. Based on the way the film was done, you have to admit the book was probably pretty good. We have a confined situation where the author took the time to break away from outside help. Add an alien threat and two solid character twists, and you have a good little quick B-list horror read. But something about the film just didn’t cut it for me. And I know exactly what that thing was. I come from a world where Bruce Campbell slings blood and gore across the screen and into my lap. Instead, this cheaply made film used quick digital tricks that were downright corny and poorly executed. Too much post edit for me.


I will say, despite the terrible graphics and acting, I like Bruce Campbell. I also love R. L. Stine. I grew up watching and reading the Goosebumps series. And even later in life I have enjoyed the made for T.V. shorts. They are corny as hell, but bring with them a sense of nostalgia worth the watch. They are fun… and a lot of the time the acting is pretty good.


It is because of my love for Goosebumps and Bruce Campbell that I managed to sit through this movie. The writers of Terminal Invasion would have probably been better off hiring the director of Goosebumps. The effects would have been better.

Just saying.

Stream Free Horror movies!!!


I am super excited to have stumbled across this website. As much as I want to sight where I got it from, I can’t remember. I don’t know if I was just Googling things or if I was actually referred the site from a blog or something. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that 80’s horror just got real. This site is an extensive list of, if not all… then most, 80’s horror movies. It breaks it down by the year it was released and shares links to where you can go to stream the entire movie online. A lot of the movies are surprisingly view-able on youtube which is really great because you don’t have to worry about spam pop up ads. I have already made a list of half a dozen movies I need to watch. Now I just need to make the time.

If you love 80’s B-movie horror and haven’t stumbled across this site, check it out.