VHS for LIFE; one more reason Austin is Awesome!

Austin has it all. We came across this video store downtown that is fan freaking tastic. I think the guy behind the counter said it was the second largest collection in the nation. And honestly, I believe it. Just look at the photos. This place has so much to choose from. Of course they have some new stuff and pop culture stuff. But, that isn’t what makes them great. What makes them great is the endless sea of cult classics and bizarro films like Hell Comes to Frog Town. You want to watch a “C” list movie, then this is the place!!! I am so excited we came across this store. So much for having Netflix… right?



Art of the Day: Screw it…


I am not completely satisfied with this one. One thing I have noticed is that out of all the drawings I do, I only really fall in love with the end result of maybe one out of three that I complete. This one is not one of those. I did try something different with this one by doing a white boarder around the character. It kind of reminds me of what the image would look like if it were printed as a sticker. Anyway, art of the day today has no real inspiration. Just remembering the days when a great tape was ruined forever. Things like that happen from time to time.